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“I’ve been working out regularly with Zach for close to a decade. He’s incredibly motivating, encouraging, and professional. Zach is a great listener and a great communicator. His workouts are challenging and varied to keep things interesting. He takes the time to get to know his clients and understand their goals in order to cater personalized plans that meet each client’s individual objectives. Zach seamlessly moved my workouts from in person to online when COIVD struck. It was great to feel like I didn’t miss a beat when the world shut down. Zach has an easygoing, genuine personality and a great sense of humor, which is a huge plus in someone you spend a lot of time with. He’s everything you are looking for in a personal trainer and more.


“Zach is by far the best personal trainer I have ever met. Each workout is unique and tailored to my capabilities. I highly recommend him.”

Danielle L.

“Zach is amazing! I’ve been training with him for the last 8yrs!!! You can’t go wrong and will see and feel the results!”


“Zach trained me for five years after I had my first baby. He was incredibly motivating, knowledgeable and above all so light hearted and easy to take direction from. He was exceptionally talented at taking my personal goals and intertwining them with his philosophy and program to achieve the results I was looking for! I have recommended him to family members and friends and everyone has had the same feedback.”


“Zach is fantastic! I have been working with him for a number of years and he always finds ways to motivate me and keep me focused on long term results. Zach takes the time to match his workouts to his customer’s individual needs and he remains my biggest supporter when I’m feeling tired or frustrated with my progress. I’d highly recommend him to anyone that wants to put in the work for health, longevity and overall fitness.”

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Looking to enhance and intensify your workout? The ZFIT Prop Kit, Mat and accessories are here to elevate your experience and optimize your results.

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Each class guides you through the fundamentals to create a buildable foundation for your practice. You can take these programs together or separately - either way, they are here to strengthen your mind and body.

Time Base Exercise

Whether you’re new to ZFIT , or looking for a guided reset, our new 7 Day Beginner Movement and Meditation programs are for you.

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 Zfit is not just about building the body you desire, it’s about building a better stronger relationship with yourself.

Zach specializes in high-intensity circuit-training, general fitness, weight loss, strength training and sport-specific training. His philosophy is that clients can achieve their fitness goals through hard work, dedication and a positive mindset.


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Zfit Chicago is an in-person, in-home, virtual and videoed personal training service.